"Name": "Noah Ford",
   "Location": "Minneapolis, MN",
   "Occupation": "Data Scientist",
   "Workplace": "Onaroll.co",
   "Hiring?": "Yes, come celebrate shift workers @ https://jobs.lever.co/onaroll", 
   "Hobbies": [
        "Downhill Skiing",
        "Meditation & Mindfulness",
        "Taking care of my Pothos (see below!)",
        "Blogging (Time spent tinkering with site > writing)",
        "Weight Lifting (Time spent tinkering with home gym > working out)"
   "Tech Stack" : {
        "Comfortable": [
            "Python (Pandas, Sci-kit Learn, H3)", 
            "Hugo (This blog)"
        "Enjoying the journey of learning" : ["Dagster"]

What’s with the icon?

It’s a Epipremnum aureum, but I call it a Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. It is easily my favorite plant due to its simple beauty and how hard it is to kill! My favorite part is that grows in water just as well as in soil with very little light.

My pothos
My current propogation collection